Learning to listen to the people you lead is a major turning point in your life and leadership.

Recently I talked about the importance of asking questions on the Audacity2Lead podcast.

So I decided to change things a little bit – work, write and speak from a questioning perspective.

I put together a survey for my reader and listeners. The feedbacks I got have been mind-blowing.

I want to share some of the outstanding discoveries I made with you and the resulting decisions. I hope this would help you focus whatever you do so you can get maximum results.

Below are some findings I made (not in particular order, though).

  1. Sex: My readers comprise of 55% male and 45% female.


  1. Faith: 100% of my readers and listeners are Christians and their faith is very important to them.  Well, that was some great encouragement for me.


  1. Age range: Two of the largest groups were found to be:
    1. 57% (between 21 and 30), and,
    2. 21% (between 31 and 40).

That tells me I’m hitting the right target by saying I help young and emerging leaders make the leap the leap from potential to productive performance. Well, this will also help me focus much more than I have done.

  1. Areas of Passion: While this has been a little difficult for me to define, I’ve found my readers and listeners to have passion in the areas of capacity building, music, leadership, business. Most of who are looking to be influencers in their specific fields of passion.


  1. Learning Aids: Asked which format would enhance their learning, here are the top three answers:
    1. eBook – 36%;
    2. Text – 27%; and,
    3. Audio – 15%.


  1. Interests: My average blog reader is interested in, and wants to learn about: starting up and launching out, leadership, blogging, social media, time management, spiritual growth, relationships, making money, motivation and podcasting.


  1. And finally, email messaging.57% of my readers want to receive emails once a week, and 43% multiple times.


Let me begin by appreciating all respondents who gave me their time and helped me refine what I’m doing with this blog and the podcast.

Understanding the answers you provided, I want to help you overcome your fears, get you started on the right foot, and help you finish well.

In fact, now I know what it means to listen to my audience instead of just sharing my thoughts.

Below are the decisions I’m making so I could be more effective with this blog and the podcast:

  1. Increase the number of posts per week and focus more on key topics which will include starting up and launching out, leadership, blogging, social media, time management, spiritual growth, relationships, making money, motivation and podcasting.


  1. Keep releasing the podcast. With the introduction of my co-host, Tara Ene, I believe we will together make the podcast more educative, informative, and actionable. Besides we have started already with episodes 07 and 08.


  1. I will share stories of my personal struggles, challenges or failures so you can see how I face them and overcome them. Recently, I travelled to Minna, Niger state, and while speaking to a room of young guys, I started sharing my stories and that was when I discovered the power of personal stories and how they help my audience connect better to whatever solutions I am trying to provide to them.


  1. Openness with my faith: Under the faith section where I discovered 99% of my readers are Christian and put a premium on their faith, I plan to be more open with sharing my faith. (That doesn’t mean I will be preaching though).

Once again, I want to thank you for answering those questions, and trusting me to be able to provide solutions to your fears and concerns.

What I will ask from you is this: What ways would you want me to serve you? Most especially, what topics would you want me to begin with? Leave a comment below.

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  1. Hey Dayo,

    Nice visiting your blog. Congrats on your new survey. Very nice survey results over there.

    Yeah, i would love those topics that you want to cover on your blog.

    I headed to your podcast, they are awesome. I really love listening them. They are very inspirational.

    Hoping to see more of your great articles and podcasts in the future.

    Have a nice day brother.

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