In March, after the Audacity2Lead website was down and all updates were lost, I just quietly packed up and wanted to go away. I got in touch with Daniel Ilemona Musa, the CEO of WeHost, and in a couple of hours, he helped me bring up the site to where it was last backed up – […]

Whatever platform you build is to fill a need a market has. It becomes a niche over time. Being able to design the solution for that niche helps you to stand out. In this episode of #Audacity2Lead, you will learn what it means to design a solution people want as you build your platform. When I talk about

  Every day, someone is thinking of a dream job. Every year, some graduates are leaving the four walls of a campus. Every month, some university students are confined to learn something irrelevant. My question is: Why are graduates a bunch of people with no specific skills? Yes, I understand you’re reading this because you’re

Hello there, it is so great to be here at the #Audacity2Lead tweet conference, I hope we all have great reward for time invested. Let me start by saying that I belong to the school of thought that believes that greatness is intentional. Greatness is not the same as success. Africa has produced several successful

  I have been directly exposed to privileged ideas & businesses of over 500 People in the past 30 months. I see a pattern. We all have loads of ideas flushing through our minds. No one has a monopoly of this flush. The unfortunate part, though, is that over 80% of spontaneous ideas NEVER get

Before you put this aside that you are not a pastor, will you consider with me what it means for you to be relevant and influential in a location you find yourself? As a young person, perhaps one of the less emphasized matters of concern in your life as a Christian is your power of

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