Visual content is on a huge rise. “34% of marketers selected visual assets as their most important content, behind blogging (45%) and before videos (19%).” according to Social Media Examiner. What if you could do this and do that to get your visual together? Usually, you take some time to create really great content, and then you’re

A business model is simply how a business is setup to make money. A business archetype is how the business owner operates. Diapers.com, setup as an ecommerce store, that only sells baby diapers. It will be normal to say it won’t sell, but the advantage the company had was linked to birthrate, which increase at a steady

Edu-preneurship is how you turn the ideas in your head into something people will pay you for. Several people are practically clueless how to go about that. Our expert guest on this episode is Sarah Cordiner, whose purpose in life is to plague the world with change-makers, impact-creators and educators. This is to enable entrepreneurs

  Find what you like, sell it. Find what is selling, sell more of it. Which do you prefer? This episode of #Audacity2Lead was inspired by these 2 ideas about product sales, when after speaking with Mayowa Ajisafe, I posted it on my timeline on Facebook and BBM. The question generated a couple of responses,

Quick note: A major challenge I know most emerging leaders like you are facing is the lack of platforms of expression. So this month is going to focus on helping you build or launch a platform online. One of the things that made 2014 an interesting year for me was my decision to launch my platform.

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