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Mary Mercy Grace Abalu.

I feel so incredibly blessed to have been given the privileg­ed to be part of this class. I have found the strength to ac­tually speak about past event without fe­eling shame. As a tr­ainee coach and coun­sellor I have learnt so much and obtained new skills I will be able to use while coaching and counse­lling clients.At the end of the programme I felt bold to take hold of my finances and joined an online contribution community, opened a savings account wi­th the help of my fr­iend back home.I have gone back to using my daily plann­er diary to plan my day and this has put a buzz in my mind and increased my mot­ivation.I received two amazi­ng feedback and compliments from two cli­ents I helped achieve great results in their personal lives and I didn’t deflect the compliment and say it all God, I ac­cepted it, said you are welcome and also I thank God for the grace to impact you and it felt good and I am now getting used to accepting com­pliments.I know I will have more testimonials to send in as I impleme­nt the fear programme into my life and into the lives of my clients, mentees and loved ones.God bless you so much sir, it was an hon­our and big blessing to get this invite to your class. God bless you so much sir.Warm Regards

Earl AlrightParticipant, Fix Your Fears

The programme has helped me trace how I learned every fear I have, how to unlearn the fears and how to face each situation or occurrence independently of other negative events of the past.

Hello Dayo,Participating in the Fear Resolve Program has helped open my eyes to many truths about the way my mind and emotions function. I’m now more conscious of thethoughts I allow in my mind. The Daily Brain workout has also helped me learn better ways to build my self-confidence. I love the fact that I have the power to use my”language” to build confidence in place of fear. Knowing that I can control Emotional Triggers and Anchors is very liberating! There’s so much more I could talk about…all I can say is thank you!

Philomina AttahParticipant, Fix Your FearsAdebisi Olatunji-Legend.Participant, Fix Your Fears

Dear Dayo,Starting from the first class, Fix your Fear I learnt that I have control and can choose to feel whatever I want to.I used to believe that I could notcontrol my anxieties and fears, and only tried to hide them as much as I could. Learning how my fears and anxieties are linked to my imaginations and have roots in myearly experiences, I have been able to analyse the core of these anxieties, revisit the experiences and I can say, set myself free.I am more aware of my state of mind,my thoughts and my feelings. Praising myself is the best part, It has made me do more things in order to have more things to praise myself for.I am better than I wasonly about a week ago. I am more confident, and amazingly I bother less about what people will say or think about me.Thank you.

The only guy that truly wants to give people a sense of independence. God Bless You Rapidly. All this other coach people, keep telling you of stories and principles. They can’t help a hopeless of confused person to have a definite direction.With all these things you have been posting, a man in a remote place with access to internet can be an enreprenuer withtout breaking a sweat.


You know you activate and spur ideas into me unconsciously sha? That’s why I always love to be in your company and appreciate it when I get the opportunity.

.No Dayo Samuel Thank you! Your vision to empower and inspire your fellow countrymen and women is an amazing undertaking and you should be commend. You ARE a leader andother will follow. Keep up the great work. Keep on flowing, and continue to have the “Audacity” 2 Lead!

Anthony Hayes

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