Who’s In Your Invisible Audience? Here’s What To Do About Them

I bet you probably didn’t know something like invisible audience existed. You’re about to discover it anyway.


So, what’s the concept of an invisible audience?



Okay, say you see that you have a lot of views on your videos, tons of downloads for your podcast, a lot of traffic to your site, large email list subscribers… But then, no comment, no emails, no sales, no money made…nothing. Everything is just as silent as hell on a gloomy day (that’s if its even as silent as grave, anyway)


The thing is this…


Your audience is broken into 2

  1. The visible
  2. The invisible


Most of the time, the invisible group are the highest.


In fact, it is said that only about 20% of your audience will be visible and active.


[Tweet “Only about 20% of your audience will be visible and active. Others are invsible”]


Majority, 80%, will be onlookers – completely invisible.A major reason why we seem to overlook them.


I’m not surprised when I enter a Facebook group of 2000 members and only about 100 of them are really engaging with the group


That’s even more reasons I don’t delete emails of subscribers when I deliberately ask for a feedback and no one is responding


Its all the factor why I don’t discard people on my BBM contacts – the over 1500 of them. Even with all of the noise going on…


I’m well aware of the existence of my invisible audience.


This is also different from what is called an imaginary audience, where you imagine and believe that multitudes of people are enthusiastically listening to or watching you. According to Wikipedia, this state is often exhibited in young adolescence, people of any age may harbor a fantasy of an imaginary audience.


In 2014, Buffer App wrote a post, Why Your Social Media Posts Are More Popular Than You Think: Inside the Invisible Audience… and that was how I got introduced to this idea of the invisible audience.


Imagine a few days back, I advertised something and one of the first few persons to jump at it was someone in the invisible audience.


I was like, “Oh, you still dey here?”


Her response was, “What you said just now really hit me, and I will like to step forward.”


When 213 people listen to your show, and maybe just 2 send you a message about what you did or said, how does that make you feel?


Being aware of my invisible audience has helped so far. I actually discover this way back like 2014 or so.


Then my podcast used to be about 200 to 300 downloads per week.


Then maybe 3 or 4 persons would send me a feedback.


I used to ask myself then, where are the others?


Now, I don’t do that anymore because I’m aware.


Somehow I even see waiting on comments and likes as vain metrics.


You may want to be more careful with what you do on social and what you say on your podcast after reading this


When I was at paid employment, one day I was in the cubicle, and an email came in.


I opened this little box and read, and zap! it became an inspiration because of the particular condition surrounding me then


I copied out a line (just one line) from that email and posted it on my Facebook timeline as usual a quote.


2 days later, I was standing in front of my boss, and guess what…


The line I copied out is what he had on his screen.


So he asked me who and what am I referring to, and what was my intention when I posted it.


He understood it was a quote that I saw somewhere, yes, but it was too spectacular.


With my melancholic gentility, my apologies were ‘plenty’ on his table.


Eventually I explained, but the damage was already done.


I couldn’t have imagined he would see it when I was posting.


I couldn’t have assumed it would mean something different to him as well.


Since then my awareness of the invisible audience became even stronger.


He didn’t like, or comment.


A couple of days back, Dinma wrote a post that people are watching you whether you know it or not, when Esohe wrote plenty things about her on that fateful day.


Same thing, when I shared my podcast episode with Victor how a senior pastor from up Nigeria called me to say he really, really enjoyed that episode.


Like I always say, quoting Sesugh “Whatever you do or don’t do, someone’s life is being changed”


Become more aware of your invisible audience on your show.


Your podcast is not just a podcast, its a tool for mass control and influence. But you’ve got to know how to wield its power to position you, and to profit you.


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4 thoughts on “Who’s In Your Invisible Audience? Here’s What To Do About Them”

  1. Atolagbe Joel Ayobami

    So true, just last night a fan of my work connected with me on Facebook and said, she has being my secret “mentee” for a while on my twitter weekly chat #30minutesmindset, the beauty is that she really made me know that there are people out there listening and watching, just not responding. Always keep doing it., consistency is key.

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