Getting Started

getting started

Welcome to my blog to my getting started page. I put this page together specifically to help get you started on the right foot with whatever you’re trying to do. Find below some good-to-go topics under the listed categories:


What drives your leadership?

Cracking the Leadership Code

Basics of Church Leadership

Getting things done leadership

Leading through crisis


Personal Productivity:

How to sell your ideas

What drives your life?

Activating the Law of Commitment

Becoming More: a daily improvement plan



Every Leaders needs a blog. 5 reasons why

Must you blog?

Who really wants to be a broke-ass blogger?

Building a Platform for yourself



The benefits of small beginnings

Focus your Life – A lesson I learnt from Music

The power of a bad example


Social Media

Social media- your voice to world impact

What a platform will do for your leadership

How to make your city your congregation


In case you have questions getting started with anything, kindly leave it for me below and I’ll answer for you.

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