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Part 1 –¬†Basic Groundwork, Power Seccrets to Content Creation

  • Introduction
  • Basic Groundwork & Some Power Secrets
  • Day 1: Naming your blog
  • Day 2: Hosting your blog
  • Day 3: Designing your blog
  • Day 4: Branding your blog
  • Day 5: Creating content for your blog

Part 2 – Blog Automation to Private Community Invite

  • Day 6: Automating your blog
  • Day 7 : Setting up your Socials and Subscriptions
  • Day 8: Promoting your new blog
  • Day 9: Monetizing your blog
  • Day 10: Launching your new blog
  • Finals &¬†Bonus Chapter

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Video 1 – Customizing your Blog (Basic Widget Settings)

Click here to download this video 


Video 2 Р Advanced Customization using Widgets and Menu

Click here to trigger the download for this video 


Video 3 РGetting Started with Mailchimp Account

Click here to trigger the download for this video 


Video 4 РSetting up Automated RSS-Generated Email Campaign from Mailchimp

Click here to download this video 


Here are your other bonuses: 

1. Video – 40 Day Marketing Tasks (Click to download)

2. Infographic – Essential Features of a Great Blog Post (Click image below to download)



3. Ebook – AdWords and AdSense for Bloggers (Click here to download pdf)

4. Swipe File – Headline cheat sheet that you can copy and paste (Click here to download)

5. EBookUltimate Blog Post Ideas: over 50 different types of content you can create for your blog. (Click here to download)


If you have any trouble, try opening the web pages in your browser, then click “File” and “save as…” to download.

If you need further help, you can send me an email dayo@audacity2lead.com.

Enjoy, and here’s to you getting started!

Dayo Samuel


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