Congratulations! If You are Reading This Now, You Are About to Experience a Complete Change of Life. This Guide Will Help You Start a Blog, Grow It (Get Huge Traffic), and Monetize It, All in Just 10 Days – or Less!

10 days is a short time, agreed. And claiming one can have a complete turnaround in his life and business within 10 short days probably sounds over-the-top. Yes, probably. But not when you already have a system in place. A proven system anyone anywhere can follow. Studies all over have shown that the secret to maximum productivity and business success is having a functional system.

Since you can only doubt what you don’t see, I’ll show you how exactly you can start, grow, and monetize a blog in just 10 days.

If you are like most business people online, you’ve probably tried starting a blog because you know (or heard) about the perks of having one – the advantage it gives you over your competitors – and how easy it is to set one up. But like most “bloggers,” you ended up wasting so much money and time launching a blog and got (or are still getting) no positive results.

I know you want to build a blog. Not just any blog. But a blog that attracts attention; that enables you to meet specific needs and make impact. A blog that makes people perceive you as an authority, and not just any authority, but a successful role model. In other words, you want a blog that gets the right traction in terms of traffic, money, and respect.

Luckily you don’t have to keep “wanting” anymore. You can fulfill all of these within record time: 10 days or less! But you have to be smart; having it at the back of your mind that speed is the new currency of business.

After over 8 months of successfully coaching, training and helping entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, and experts live their dream lives – set up professional blogs that help them spread their message, reach more people, and build authority – I’ve finally decided to put all my years of experience (and that of my students and clients) into an eBook that will show you the exact steps you need to take to also achieve success with blogging…in 10 days or less. A practical, no BS eBook titled “Blog with Excellence: Start, Grow & Monetize Your Blog in 10 Days or Less.”


 Finally I have found a personal blogging manual that is written in my ‘local’ Nigerian language. Blog with Excellence eBook is the first from a Nigerian I’ve seen with thorough step by step tutelage on getting you to set up and monetize your blog… If you are serious about blogging, this is the book to get… Jenny Chisom, Logos Audibles


 This eBook will help you:

  • Launch a blog that will make you famous, wealthy, and widely appreciated, while you keep impacting lives, and making the world a better place…
  • Leverage on your special interest to build a successful blog in record time…
  • Get accurate, specific knowledge and practical training to help you quickly rise to the top…
  • See the earning potentials and fun in blogging, unlike what the ‘gurus’ tell you…
  • Cut short the painfully long time it would have taken you to start making money from your blog…
  • Discover the first key step you must take before even starting a blog and you’ll see the number 1 reason why people abandon their blogs – so you can avoid it…
  • …and more

Is it possible to completely set up a blog and make money from it in just 10 days?

It’s a guarantee I’m making; by the end of this book – yes, I mean by the tenth day max, you’d have set up your blog in a very professional way. You’d have generated some traffic and increased your chances of having a better position in any market/niche of your choice. And you’d have opened for yourself a new stream of endless income.

All you have to do is follow the blueprint this book provides, and commit to everything in it, especially the daily tasks.

  • Day 1 – 5 in the book is designed to take you through the rudiments of blogging like selecting a niche, choosing your ideal audience, the process of naming, branding, hosting, designing, and creating content for your blog, in a way that ensures success, and in line with world best practices…so you’re never left guessing at this crucial stage. Remember, a faulty foundation is the major undoing of so many failed bloggers.
  • Day 6 helps you to “automate” your blog so that the stress of keeping your blog up-to-date is drastically reduced. Blogging has never been easier with the tools revealed here.
  • You’ve probably heard that the money online is in the list. The question is: how do you even start with a list? That’s the question that will be answered on Day 7. And on this day, you’ll get help with setting up your subscription method, and learn how to build your list fast.
  • You’ll get your first 100 visitors on the 8th day, and then learn how to boost your traffic from there on. You’ll even get some unconventional strategies and tactics you can choose from or combine to get an endless flow of traffic.
  • Day 9 takes you to the best part of the book; monetizing your blog. You’ll learn the different approaches that are used to make money from blogging. It also shows you the approach that can make you money your first week of blogging. It’s the route taken by fewer people. And you’ll be one of the enlightened few – on just your 9th day of blogging.
  • Day 10 takes you through the process of launching your blog (if you don’t mind waiting till the last day). Shows you how launching can affect your blog, and gives you several effective launching ideas and strategies that’ll make your blog a success already.

Do you now see for yourself that you can make a blog successful – whether new or old – in mere 10 days? This isn’t the normal general stuff you get out there. This is a solid, proven blueprint. One that has worked for many, and will work for you.

ayoI can honestly say I have learnt how to set up a self-hosted blog from scratch without any difficulty. I have set up a self-hosted blog for 3 persons after attending your masterclass (which could be a money spinner if I have to charge them).” Ayo Joseph


Great job putting this together. I like the way you added examples from people you have helped with their blogs.” – Adesoji Adegbulu, Make Money Online Nigeria

To make learning easier for you, I decided to make the deal better and more valuable by adding a pack of 4 bonus step by step videos to the training kit. But I can’t keep it for long. You’d have to act fast to get the videos and other bonuses.

These videos are designed to further imprint the lessons in your memory with something close to face-to-face tutorials, walking you through some parts of the training on building, growing, and monetizing your blog effectively and successfully.

How to Get the Blog with Excellence eBook

Sure you’d agree with me that the value this training aims to provide you is almost invaluable, considering the fact that you can make as much money as you want from your blog in the first month – or even in the first week, depending on how determined you are.

I’ve however decided to release the complete guide at a price that’s a fraction of what my students and the companies I consult for pay me. I decided to make it available to you for N10,000 (Ten thousand Naira).

But I thought I might not be able to reach the group I intend to help get a changed life with that price. So I cut it in half. “Blog with Excellence: Start, Grow & Monetize Your Blog in 10 Days or Less” now goes for Five Thousand Naira only.

Yes, you can get the complete guide and all the bonus videos for just NGN 5,000 (Five Thousand Naira) only. 

Click this button now to order online and get your copy of “Blog with Excellence: Start, Grow & Monetize Your Blog in 10 Days or Less.”


ebuka “When you are ready to own a more professional blog or really understand  the magic of social media, this dude is the MAN. Take advice from ONLY those  who have successfully achieved what you intend doing. Stop relying on beer-  parlor knowledge.” — Ebuka J. Anichebe (The Thinker) Author, Make Your Life a  Blockbuster™

I’m sure you’d agree with me that this is a worthy investment, considering the array of benefits you stand to get from following the proven blogging-success system in the Blog with Excellence guide. Is it the speed at which you’d get your blog up and running – and fully monetized? Or the secret you can use to get your first 100 visitors (even before you complete your training) in a period where everybody online is crying about traffic?

Or the unconventional successful blogging tactics you’ll learn like:

  • “sex wiring” your blog;
  • simple SEO hacks;
  • profiling your audience that you can see him face to face;
  • content cheat sheets and formulas;
  • letting your audience blog for you (not guest blogging);
  • and so on?

You really can’t afford to miss out on this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Click here to get order online right now


To encourage you more to be a part of this, I’ll let you in on more bonuses you’ll get when you order your kit now.

  • You’ll be able to peek into some masterclass sessions I’ve held with clients in the past, and;
  • You’ll also get a backstage pass into case studies of my blog review process;
  • and more…

Those two alone are worth Hundreds of dollars, but you get them free – along with other bonuses – when you order now.

I’ll even make you a crazy deal; a 100% money-back guarantee. I’ll give you complete 90 days to try the system in the guide out, and take the actions required in it. If you do not achieve blogging success within those 90 days, ask for a refund, and I’ll give you your money back without asking questions. Every single penny. And you’ll still keep the guide and the bonuses.

Now you have no reasons to fear, and no excuse to not take up this opportunity, knowing you stand no risk of failure or loss of money.

Go ahead and order your complete guide “Blog with Excellence: Start, Grow & Monetize Your Blog in 10 Days or Less” now before the price goes back up and you lose the bonuses.

 “Really great and inspiring… I absolutely love the laid back writing style with a blend of fun  and seriousness. It is simple enough for a newbie to connect with and a reassuring  collection for a professional as well.” – Blossom Nnodim, #SocialGood


“It gave me the confidence that I can do it on my own. That I don’t need to be a Tech savvy or IT nerd to create and run a blog.” – Dr. Malik Haruna King


“Blogging was one thing I look at as the gurus’ thing, not until Blog with Excellence with Dayo Samuel. I can beat my chest today that “Yes I can do it.” I leant everything I know now from this.. From creating, to hosting, theme and setting.” – Musa Daniel


“Blog with Excellence gave me valuable insights to all the nuts and gears of blogging.” – Chikere Okorafor

Your success story can also come in next, if you allow it. Click this button now to order online before time runs out and you miss out.


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