As we share on #ACTivateYourDreams. We pray the new Nigeria Dreams will come alive in the heart of everyone in my generation

The next few tweets will open your eyes, blow your mind and give you strategies to #ACTivateYourDreams


There are 2 sides to Dreams:

(a)              The unseen part, and, (b) the seen part


As we get inspired to acquire the unseen part of dreams, we must also get tips, steps and strategies to #ACTivateYourDreams

I must quickly state that a Dream in this context is the conceived picture of a predestined future

This Predestined future is what levels all of us because we all have it.

Everyone has a dream. Some can write it, others can paint it, even those that can tell it still have it.

Dreams are Real and Dreams are Free.

Dreams are free but must be acquired at a cost. Let’s consider the costs.

The costs of a dream, a worthwhile and achievable dream is embedded in the principle of EXPOSURE



Who is the Dream giver? Where can we meet him? How will this dream be delivered? Read the next few words.

Who? The creator of Man who also orchestrated his destiny is also the giver of Dreams.

The one thing that guarantees the delivery of this your uniquely designed gift is your acknowledgement of the giver not just the gift

Acknowledge your maker and he will guide you through to the right path pre-planned for you before creation

The size of your maker also determines the size of what He can give. Dream Big!

This dreams are delivered in intangible forms such that if you are not careful you can miss out on them

However we must understand that the whole universe is controlled by intangible substance. The intangible rules.

You must have heard of ‘Ideas Rule the World’. But look up for an upgraded opinion

Ideas don’t rule only executed ideas rule. However Ideas form the raw materials for greatness

You need the audacity to confront your fears and covert your ideas to products/results.

Make up your mind at this point to capture that dream/idea and resolve to DO it! Live your dream life #ACTivateYourDreams



A dreamer in the midst of hunters would soon be killed.

Remain a dreamer and stay with dreamers.

I chose to remain a dreamer because as I ACT on my dream, I dream some more. As I get disappointed with some, I yet dream some more

Disappointed? Yes, life is built in such a way that everything wants to choke your dreams and make you want to maintain status quo

You must also resolve not to stop, not to quit and not to retire early. “Big shots are small shots that just kept shooting”

Keeping tab with other dreamers helps you stay on course and also help you realize your dreams faster.

A wise man once said “I have seen further only because I chose to stand on the shoulders of those that have gone ahead of me

Expose yourself to great dreamers.

Jesus Christ, all He said was “follow me and I will make you” your responsibility here is defined.



Read books, attend seminars, listen to audio materials, they are decades of wisdom…

Knowledge enlarges your mind not just to dream but also to see the possibility of your dreams



You owe yourself the responsibility to be inspired.

Don’t go to where you are depressed but where you are impressed and inspired.

Dr. David Oyedepo saw the Oral Roberts university and said “This can happen anywhere even in Nigeria,” and today Covenant university is standing at Ota, Landmark University is situated in Kwara and Kings University is setting up in Abuja

A man that has not visited another man’s farm will think that his father’s farm is the largest – African proverb.

Don’t be proud. Go out or get out. Take that trip, make that visit…

“Assumption they say is the lowest level of knowledge, Exposure I say is the highest level of knowledge” – Baba J.


Thanks @iamDayoSamuel for the audacity to put together this conference that has no limit nor boundaries.


Don’t forget that Dreams are free, dreams are real! Commit to live your dream life

Pick it up again, start all over, apply the tips and strategies shared and watch it Happen. I love u passionately.

If we all fulfill our God given dreams, it becomes easier for us to achieve the New Nigeria Dream.

I pray that God will breathe on you afresh for the necessary inspiration and motivation. No matter your age, status or location, You will Excel!


Julius Osimen Jr. helps create platforms and shares cutting edge strategies to help other people excel. He is the Business Development Executive at Lead Synergy Ltd. And the brain behind the Under30 Achievers Conference & Awards, Inspire Afrik Network, and teaches at his monthly platform, The Inspiration Centre. A dedicated Nigerian committed to the New Nigeria Dream (Vision 2025), he is the first facilitator at the #Audacity2Lead tweet conference. #ACTivateYourDreams is one of his two recently published books. Follow him on twitter @Osimenjnr

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