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The New Groundbreaking Book That Reveals...

Evidence-based Strategies For Unlearning Fear And Developing Badass Courage And Confidence To Attain Your Highest Dreams And Goals


"...quite practical and emotional. This turned my life around so 'dangerously'. I am more motivated and inspired to aim for and do bigger things. I can now do without things and habits I thought I couldn't do without before. I have achieved in one month things I couldnt achieve in almost one year."

- Chijioke Moses Okonkwo, Curator, CAPDA

"Today, I had a presentation with the Staff of Promasidor Nigeria, owners and manufacturers of Cowbell Milk. I usually have fears in doing such large scale presentations. Thanks to you, I killed the presentation as I spoke and presented with clarity and confidence, and the management are already telling us to get ready for site inspections to seal huge acres of land."

- Dr. Laide Okubena

"I had a lot of issues with myself, I so much enjoyed loneliness, I find it very hard to let things go among many other things, all of these have become a thing of the past because I have learnt and grown past my fear. I have stopped living a life of tension, torment and anxiety."

- Anuoluwapo Alfred

So Here's A Quick Question For You...

  What Is The #1 Mistake Struggling 'Hustlers' Make That Fatally Destroy Their Chances Of Creating Success Or A Lifestyle They Dream Of?  


A fear that they’re not good enough. That they’re not qualified enough or don’t have enough experience yet.

A fear that they will be judged. By others. By people they truly care about. By themselves.

The question of how to face your fears is something that everyone deals with.

Because you see, everyone is afraid of something.

The cute person down the street, your Mom, that famous celebrity…


The big difference is that some people chose to live their lives held back by fear, leading to a life full of regret, anger, and frustration.

On the other hand, others find a way to push through and become unafraid, unavoidable and unstoppable.

AND You can become one of them Today.

But to Be Honest, It Won't Be Easy!

That's why many people are slowly strolling to the grave unhappy, not liking their life, and feeling like their arms are tied to stop it or change direction.

All men must die, I know...but how about having a say in how you live?

This used to be me few years ago.

I felt like I was being force-fed into a meat-grinder with my arms tied.

Like a bleepin nightmare where you can't even shout “Jesus!”

My poor sense of self kept making me accept shit from life, and from people.

I remember how I died inside the night my girlfriend called me a “broke-ass pastor”.

Even my prayer that night was hard. I couldn't lift my soul to God.

It didn't help that I came from a very humble and local background.

From primary school, right to university, people labeled me “Baba Ijebu” because of my strong accent and my broken English.

It was like my destiny was tied to my ugly background.

Who was I to dream of a better life???

Everything and everyone around me reminded me of who I was...

And even when they didn't call me names, my memory echoed those voices in the back of my skull.

“Dayo, you can't do this…”

“Dayo, you can't do that…”

The jeering laughter of a million voices ringing in my head kept me paralyzed, anytime I so much as imagined a better life for myself.

I was set for a quiet, uncelebrated life - even if I eventually “made heaven”.

All the excuses were in place for it to happen.

I was screwed.

Then one day, I made a strange discovery…

It was more like an open secret.

Everybody has a fear.

The rich, and the poor…

The great and the lowly…

Saint and sinner!!!

Some were just good at handling theirs better than others.

And this was the common denominator between who gets rich and who dies poor…

Between the achievers, and the underachievers.

Suddenly, I saw that all my excuses were no longer acceptable.

I saw that I was the one cheating myself out of life AAAALL this while!

I was mad!!!

I decided one day that I was going to stop all this nonsense I was suffering both internally and externally.

So I began to study every discipline that has ever produced any material on what it means to be human and how to overcome fear. From science, to religion, to psychology, to education, to economics, and so many others.

As I began to apply the things I learn and make tiny tweaks in my own life, I began to notice big changes, increased wisdom, and people began to commend my improvement: financially, socially.

I became much more impactful. Of course, because I have broken the frame of fear and anxiety.

SO Here’s the thing…

Instead of dying with the fear that seem to make you miserable and altogether unhappy (even though most people would rather not be successful than push past their fear)... Let me give you a roadmap.

Research has proven that confidence is one of the core fundamentals of happiness. And fear is one of the primary obstacles to confidence.

Confidence is proven to reduce stress and anxiety, and also improve one's ability to think clearly and make everyday decisions.

Authentic confidence gives us a solid foundation for making wise decisions, building strong relationships and conducting ourselves in a way that wins the trust, respect and admiration of other people.

Without having a foundation of genuine courage, most people unknowingly build their lives upon some very unstable and shaky grounds.

The good news is life doesn't need to be this way.

That's Why I Wrote "Limitless Courage And Confidence: Evidence-based Strategies For Overcoming Fear And Living Free From Anxiety" So You Can End The War With Fear

Imagine right now... That you can start creating better confidence-boosting habits through understanding the science of courage and using it to your advantage.

Picture yourself developing radical and unconditional self love.

Feel the joy of having the waelth you've always wanted.

Listen to the sounds of happiness coming from the excitement that you could delight the people you truly care about.

On the other hand... 

Imagine yourself on your death bed groaning, thinking about all the stuff you wanted to do but could not do because you were afraid.

...Ohhhhhhh..... Did you just say God forbid? 

Well, prove it today!

     Rave Reviews From World Class Authorities And Experts For Limitless Courage And Confidence     

Innocent Usar, Trainer & Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistics Programming

The efficacy of this book is documented by the several people that I know Dayo Samuel and his Audacity2Lead team have successfully worked with around the country using The Fear Resolve Process. This should be incorporated without doubt into school curriculums, HR teams in the corporate environment and by people and organizations that are faith-based to help their members and congregants deal with the debilitating impact fear has had on many.

Waju "Salescraft" Abraham

Using real life examples from personal experience, backed with painful research, the author has employed surgical precision in separating the reader from their unique fears. 

The writing is easy on the eyes and mind, and absolutely non-judgemental in addressing the topic so much that it feels like you are sitting on a couch receiving gentle words of advice.

Dayo delves deep into very sensitive areas of the mind that we keep from everybody else and helps us to gently ease our grip and ownership on fear.

I see this book being on the bookshelves of future legends who will finally unleash their unique gifts on the world.

Whether you are presently stuck in a knot with your fear, or you are gradually winning your demons like me, you will find it both worthy of reading again and again, as well as recommending it to your own little circle.

I heartily recommend it for every living person who still feels like they have much to offer this world.

Dinma Nwobi, The Happiness Coach

As one who tiptoed through life as a shy teenager, Dayo Samuel has written easy to apply steps to living confidently that I wish I had access to years back.

You need to get this book and live it daily unless you want to keep living a mediocre life stunted by fear and anxiety.

Ihotu Gregory, Strategist & Organisational Designer, The Scratch Board

This exquisite book is on how to get released from the past that limits us and live fully in the present to having an affluent future. It is all about generating confidence and energy for your next level - free of fear. Dayo takes us on individual journeys to freedom. 

Coach Sam Obafemi, President, Sam Obafemi Behavioural Change Academy

I strongly believe that this book should be admitted into complementary study material for behavioural change practitioners. I say this because Dayo has used very simple words and yet elaborate techniques to demonstrate how courage is activated and sustained while fear can be resolved. Thank you for bringing to bear your own experiences and learning so that we can become more convinced that life can be lived with all sense of completeness.

Emike Oyemade, Founder, Wise Walk Ministry

Having known Dayo Samuel I know this is not just a book of ideas. He has practically documented his life experience. This is a noble thing to do; proffering solutions to others where you were once hampered. I recommend this compelling book for anyone desiring to break free from the 'conventional' to living the limitless life. Read this book and you will see how fear can become easily surmountable and replaced with rugged confidence.

This is a must-have book even if you feel you are already living limitless; it will be an invaluable resource in your library. I also recommend this book for students in higher institutions of learning as a tool to prepare them for life and relationships beyond the four walls of a school.

Dr. Malik Haruna King, Medical Doctor and Sex Therapist

In a typical therapy session, the therapist helps the client get better by using established tools and techniques to get to the client’s deepest thoughts, feelings, experiences, and past — and jumpstart the transformation process.

Interestingly and shockingly, Dayo is able to achieve all of these with his book — even without a face-to-face therapy session!

Reading this book takes you on a ride: it X-rays your deepest parts, reveals all that is holding you back from being the best version of yourself, and offers practical tips to help you help yourself in the transformation process.

Whoever you are, whatever your current situation, one word for you: Read This Book!

Bridget Elesin, Family Life Practitioner. Author; Fathers, You must take the Lead

I enjoyed this book Limitless Courage and Confidence because the author Dayo Samuel shared from his personal experience as someone that has been limited in some ways but had the audacity to beat that limitation. He shared also as a therapist that has mastered what it takes to help you master your own limitations to become the best you.

I recommend this book to everyone that wants to drop their fears and be better in every way . This book will give you the audacity to have limitless courage and confidence to live your best life always.

Matthew Femi-Adedoyin, Lead Consultant, Resurged Mind Company

Dayo is one of the best coaches and therapists that I know. His tools and methodologies work better than magic. This book will help you solve a lot of problem.

Daniel Otabor, Programme Officer, SLC Resources

Dayo Samuel has discovered new ways to neutralise the presence of fear by continually helping us magnify the power we have over fear when we harness the potential confidence that sits inside of us. Especially when we see ourselves differently and believe differently. He has taken us on a journey to self actualization for sustainable growth overtime.

4 Reasons You Should Get A Copy Today:

  • Because #1 - This is the only book I know right now that is free of fluff yet helps you trace your fears, and gives you back the power to be in charge of your life.
  • Beacause #2 - It is science-backed and practical for unlearning fear and developing the courage and confidence to attain your highest self.
  • Because #3 - You will feel freer, happier, and more fulfilled knowing that you do not have to battle fear every other day.
  • Because #4 - When you get a copy for yourself right now, you can be confident you are making the right decision today.

FOR JUST N5,000 

You could end the risk of letting ordinary lack of confidence prevent you from leading the life you deserve; you could start to triple your inner strength with these tips, tricks and simple-to-apply strategies without letting the life you could have pass you by any longer.

For just N5,000 this book could dramatically increase the likelihood of you seeing opportunities everywhere, every day and seeking them out instead of shrinking back in fear.

Now this price won't stay for long. But if you take action right now, you can get it with all of the bonuses at N5,000. All you need to do is click the button below. 


  • The brand new Confidence Unlocked audio program. Never released before, when you order this book today, you are automatically enrolled into a 97-Day Confidence training which means I will be your personal coach for the next 97 days... Think of yourself becoming totally unafraid and unstoppable - fully confident!
  • Not only that, when you order today you get the Limitless Courage & Confidence Audio Book... your learning just became more flexible and mobile, as you can absorb the learnings anywhere and anytime, whether you are driving, in transit, jogging or while waiting at the petrol station queue.
  • VIP Access to our Members-only Achievers Community - Whenever you become worried and "need to talk", we get you, and allow you to share your burdens, and victories, wins and winnows. We are here supporting you every day.

    Some of What You Can Expect from Limitless Courage And Confidence Book    

  • In chapter 6 titled Healing the Past, you will come to a complete understanding of the root cause of your fears. There is the source of fear, there is also a root cause, and how we try to distract ourselves from that real cause. In this chapter, you will discover how there was a time in your life when you had a pure unadulterated heart, and all that mattered to you then was you wanted to live your life to the fullest capacity. One bad day however, something happened to you that was very painful. You could not handle it, so you recoiled inside and hide in order to protect yourself, and you have since then been trapped inside yourself. You will be provided a 3-part framework that helps you come out of your shell, heal yourself from pains of the past, and let go of hurtful relationships.


  • Want to hack your self-confidence and smash through self-doubt? Chapter 10 delivers to you 5 (plus 2 Bonus) Methods for Unlocking Your Inner Confidence at any time, any day, anywhere. Time-tested strategies, evidence-based methods that work all the time. Imagine yourself entering a boardroom with sufficient confidence ready to kill your presentation, close the deal, and smile to the bank. That is possible as you will learn the science-backed strategy of looking good, the mood-shifting effect of music, evidence-based practices that strengthen your mind, clear up stress and relieve your body.


  • In Chapter 12, you will absorb life-changing learnings as you understand How to Process Fear Properly, use it as Fuel for Success. You will become more in charge of your life, goals and dreams as you learn to differentiate the 2 kinds of fear we all have. What you will discover will for sure shock you! You think you have phobia? Wait till you read the section of this chapter that uses the example of snakes and fear of flying to debate how that is not sufficiently true. And the best part is you will be guided, thereby amplifying your inner superpowers. Your health, wealth and finances will not be the same afterwards.


  • In Chapter 13, you will learn 3 Simple Practices that Allow You to Change How You Respond to Old Traumas. This has been proven to be three of the best strategies people learn from our programs, and now for the first time, it is made available in a book format, and available to you only when you order today.

Meet the Dayo Samuel Everyone Is Talking About

"Everything you've read on this page so far are totally true. "

As a teacher and trainer with an uncanny gift of simplifying very tough concepts for people to grasp, I decided to distill my entire journey from fearful to courageous and powerful into a system I now teach called The Fear Resolve Process. This has led to influencing hundreds of leaders around the world – from almost every continent.

Today, I am giving you the entire system in a book format so that you can, on your own, walk yourself through an evidence-based, step-by-step method to overcoming fear and living free from anxiety. 

It would be my joy to read your email telling me how this book impacted you, and released you from old traumas, fears, phobias and anxiety.

But none of that would be possible except you order a copy right now. So let me personally tell you: If you read this book, use the bonuses and not become totally courageous and confident, I will personally refund you. No hype!

You have come to this point because you just wanted to be sure, this is that assurance, my friend.

Some Commonly Asked Questions

YES. It is quite simple; if you enroll today, and by 30-45 days from now you do not notice any life-changing results, we will give you a complete refund. No questions asked. If you’re completely skeptical, try this program anyway because you have 45 days to prove your skeptic mind wrong. 

NO. We've made this ridiculously simple that you only need focus on one thing: YOU. It is even why we added the Confidence Unlocked training as a bonus for you. Asides the payment you make now to order your copy of this book, nothing else is to be paid for.

YES. Your mobile device won’t be left out. What we have done is to make the entire 97-day program delivered to you via email so you won't even need to login to any website, you won't need to consume a lot of data or waste time. So if you can play any audio on your phone or use an earpiece, you are most qualified to get the results we promise.

Are you busy? Overworked? No time? That’s exactly why. We understand. So we made it audio program in because we want to make your learning more flexible and mobile, improve your understanding by the tone of voice, emphasis and timing, as well as absorb the learnings anywhere and anytime without the need for video screen time. 

The idea here is to provide you with smart, fun, inspiring and empowering wisdom distilled into practical, actionable micro-lessons you can apply to yourself immediately. And every day. No more finding time to go through a 10-hour video course. All you will need is 10-30 minutes a day, each week for the entire 97 Days program.

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