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How to Triple Your Confidence & Become Unafraid And Unstoppable Every Day

 Your 97 Days Personalized Confidence Makeover Training
Delivered To You Weekly Right Where You Are Via Audio Programs

Before Anything, What If I Showed You What Our Participants Are Saying About This Program?

"My transformation began on the first day. It was quite practical and emotional too. This training has turned my life around so 'dangerously'. I am more motivated and inspired to aim for and do bigger things. I have developed so many productive habits in just one month already. I can now do without things and habits I thought I couldn't do without before. I have achieved in one month things I couldnt achieve in almost one year."

- Chijioke Moses Okonkwo, Curator, The Green Nigeria Project

"This program has impacted my life in several ways. It has helped me to relaunch and repackage myself and my business. I've let go of blaming people and situations for setbacks in my life. Through this program I've learnt and decided not to underestimate my potentials."

- Evelyn Ihotu, Slize Stores

"The value is worth more than all sacrificed. The classes are revelational. Having to discover who I was, what I worth and how things work in a strategy or pattern was awemazing. I am now empowered to disempower all imaginations that never occur in reality."

- Okweunmi Jesudunsin

"This has been helpful, educating and insightful, it has helped my personal growth and self awareness, I have learnt to be in control of my fears, my behaviour and thoughts."

- Tiffany Coco, Alpha Men

"The program has expanded my horizon, challenged me to face my fears and achieve my dreams regardless of the circumstances. It has also helped me become a better person as a coach and trainer."

- Tosin Subulade, Coach & Consultant

"Before the program I had a lot of issues with myself, I so much enjoyed loneliness, I find it very hard to let things go among many other things, all of these have become a thing of the past because I have learnt and grown past my fear. I have stopped living a life of tension, torment and anxiety."

- Anuoluwapo Alfred

 What Is Confidence Unlocked?

  • A Personalized Confidence Makeover Action Plan

Firstly. This is a proven confidence makeover plan to help you feel more powerful and capable in your abilities and break the limiting psychological frames that you have built around yourself... Personalized to help you move from fear-full to full-confidence.

  • An evidence-based method to triple your inner confidence every day

Identify your triggers and anchors, and know exactly how to tap into your confidence zone each hour of the day. Learn scientific methods to stop letting fear and anxiety prevent you from leading the life you deserve; start gaining mental clarity and strength with these tricks and strategies and don't let the life you could have pass you by.  

  • Includes 2 versions of Limitless Courage & Confidence book

As a part of your enrolment in Confidence Unlocked right now, we are giving you 1). The full PDF version of the Limitless Courage & Confidence book; and 2). The audiobook version. Take in all of the lessons from the book, get fuller experience with the program  

  • Step-by-Step audio course with…

Over 5 hours of professionally-produced audio training, and 97 Days Daily Confidence Booster downloadable resources dedicated to helping you become unstoppable in every area of your life.

What Is The #1 Mistake Struggling 'Hustling' People Make, Which Destroy Their Chances of Creating A Fulfilling Life Or A Lifestyle They Dream Of?


A fear that they’re not good enough. That they’re not qualified enough or don’t have enough grit yet.

A fear that they will be judged. By others. By people they truly care about. By themselves.

But... The question of how to face your fears is something that everyone deals with.

Because you see, everyone is afraid of something.

The cute person down the street, your Mom, that famous celebrity…


The big difference is that some people chose to live their lives held back by fear, leading to a life full of regret, anger, and frustration.

On the other hand, others find a way to push through and become unafraid, unstoppable.

AND You can become one of them Today.

SO Here’s the thing…

Research has proven that confidence is one of the core tenets of happiness. And fear is one of the primary obstacles to confidence. Confidence is proven to reduce stress and anxiety, and also improve one's ability to think clearly and make everyday decisions.

Authentic confidence gives us a solid foundation for making wise decisions, building strong relationships and conducting ourselves in a way that wins the trust, respect and admiration of others. Without having a foundation of genuine confidence, most people unknowingly build their lives upon some very unstable and shaky grounds. The good news is life doesn't need to be this way.

That's Why We Created Confidence Unlocked: 

Your Personalized 97 Days Confidence Makeover Training

This audio-format personal program is designed to teach you the principles and practices that triple your self-esteem and confidence, so that you can begin improving your outlook on life while reaching a higher level of satisfaction and achievement.

This 97-day level-by-level program is not group therapy, it's not about positive thinking, it's not about lecturing and hectoring... it is fun, personal, modern, practical, non-judgmental 'learning by discovery' training that gives you tools to literally change the way you think and feel and behave.

And, the only requirement we ask of you are a flexible mindset, a willingness to consider new ideas and a commitment to changing yourself.

Imagine right now... That you can start creating better confidence-boosting habits through understanding the science of confidence and using it to your advantage.

Picture yourself developing radical and unconditional self love.

Feel the joy of having the relationships you've always wanted.

Listen to the sounds of happiness coming from the excitement that you could delight the people you truly care about.

On the other hand... 

Imagine you on your death bed groaning, thinking about all the stuff you wanted to do but could not do because you lacked the confidence.

...Ohhhhhhh..... Did you just say God forbid? 

Well, put your feet where your mouth is...

For Just N5,000 

You could end the risk of letting ordinary lack of confidence prevent you from leading the life you deserve; you could start to triple your inner strength with these tricks and simple-to-apply strategies without letting the life you could have pass you by any longer.

For just N5,000 this Confidence Unlocked audio program could dramatically increase the likelihood of you seeing opportunities everywehre every day and seeking them out instead of shrinking back in fear.

I know the next question on your mind is....

 What is inside Confidence Unlocked?

97 Days Week-by-week lessons tailored specifically to triple your confidence. Topics include:

  • Taming Your Inner Critic
  • Mastering Confident State of Mind
  • Clarifying Your Personal Values
  • Developing Confident Habits
  • From Conflicts To Confidence In Your Relationships
  • Knocking Out Personal Insecurity
  • Giving Yourself Permission to Value Yourself
  • Removing Beliefs Boundaries that Hinder Your Confidence
  • Developing Self Assertiveness
  • Overcoming The Fear Of Presenting & Public Speaking
  • Full eBook version of Limitless Courage & Confidence
  • Audiobook of Limitless Courage & Confidence
  • And more personalized lessons that help you become unafraid and unstoppable every single day...

 This stuff just works…see what some of our students have to say!

"Attending this class is one of the most meaningful things I’ve done this year. The things I’ve learnt are actually very practical. The other tasks were interesting and they revealed truths about myself that I never knew. It has also helped me to see the brighter side of myself and life as a whole."

Oluwatoosin Oladejo, Musician

"I learnt the power of me in me, and how to relate with people perfectly, without tampering with my self worth."

Goke Adeniyi,  Realtor

"I can boldly say that, I’m no longer the same person I used to be. I understand myself better now and have seen how fear developed in me and most importantly how it can be overcome. Before the program, there are several things I used to think I couldn’t do and some that I know I can do but didn’t do because of fear."

Julius Afolabi Abiodun, Photography

"This has helped me to be more conscious of that which is happening in and around me. Which in turn is helping make the right decisions not from a place of fear but rather understanding and love. Thank you for opening my eyes and I would recommend the program to everyone."

Annger Christy, Teacher

Warning! I don’t mean to alarm you but when you leave this page, all of this will all go away once the timer hits zero, so -

It’s decision time … and the way I see it, you have two choices right now:

1) Keep doing what you’re doing.

Taking this route means change isn’t likely. And it also means you may have to keep struggling to figure out the why you lack the confidence to face life’s challenges with ease, or to do the things that matter to you successfully.

2) Take charge and learn what is the #1 skill you should have – confidence boosting superpowers.

Taking this route (and putting in the work) means unlimited confidence is inevitable. Because you’re putting in place the right strategies that reduce your mind’s negative self-talk, empower you to care far less about what other people think of you.

So a year from now, your life could be completely transformed and helping you become the person you want and living the life you deserve.

Ultimately the choice is up to you.

It’s my sincere hope you choose the latter, and have your life transformed in ways you can’t even dream of right now.

If you've ever felt that stress, fatigue, information overload, or creative blocks are stopping you from living your best life - then Confidence Unlocked is your antidote.

Your N5,000 LAUNCH-ONLY 100% Moneyback investment in your confidence guarantees you all of these:

  • Limitless Courage & Confidence Full Book - evidence-based strategies for overcoming fear and living free from anxiety...
  • Not only that, when you order today you get... Pre-Release Access To Limitless Courage & Confidence Audio Book... your learning just became more flexible and mobile, as you can absorb the learnings anywhere and anytime, such while driving, on commute, jogging or even while waiting in the supermarket queue.
  • VIP Access to our Members-only Achievers Community - Whenever you become worried and "need to talk", we get you, and allow you to share your burdens...

OK seriously. Act Now, This Offer Expires After:


Scientifically proven to be more effective than regular programs. 

Psuedoscience tells you that 21 days is all it takes for something to become habitual. Well, as a practictioner of cognitive psychology and behavioral neuroscience, our research has proven that it takes between 66 days to 99 days for a belief or habit pattern, a way of behaving and having a certain belief, to take effect in the brain so that long term behavioural change can happen.

Given the duration for this entire Confidence Unlocked program, you are safe and will be able to replace your habits, optimize your beliefs, and modify your behavior at least once. (Our gmission is trice). So imagine having a tutor who daily holds your hand, provides you with the actual clarity and what to do step-by-step blueprint to triple your confidence over the next 97 days. 

Are you busy? Overworked? No time? That’s why we’re here. We understand. That is why we made it an audio program. Make your learning more flexible and mobile, improve your understanding by the tone of voice, accent, emphasis and timing, as well as absorb the learnings anywhere and anytime without the need for screen time. 

The idea here is to provide you with smart, fun, inspiring and empowering wisdom distilled into practical, actionable micro-lessons you can apply to yourself immediately. And every day. No more finding time to go through a 10-hour video course. All you will need is 10-30 minutes a day, each week for the entire program.

We did. And the reason is simple — we are bringing on a new course on the Audacity2Lead Academy, there’s a small risk. What if the course doesn’t live up to our high standards? What if the teacher over promises? We think it’s fair that you have these concerns, so we made it risk-free for you by dropping the price ONLY during this time. Afterwards, it goes back to the full price of N15,000.

Another reason: as this is a new course, we want to get your feedback and comments on the course and your results… so we’ve made the investment as low as possible. All we ask is that you email us (or we’ll reach out to you) before the end of the program to share your story.

Asides these, you have a 45-day money-back guarantee. So you can try out this new program risk-free and yet enjoy the program if you decide to keep it.

Your mobile device won’t be left out. What we have done is to make the entire program delivered to you via your email so you won't even need to login to any website, you won't need to consume a lot of data or waste time. So if you can play any audio on your phone or use an earpiece, you are most qualified to get the results we promise.

"Do You Guarantee It Will Work For Me?"

Yes. It is quite simple; if you enroll today, and by 45 days from now you do not notice any life-changing results, we will give you a complete refund. No questions asked.

Sign up right now. Do the program. Take the daily actions. If you don’t get outstanding results within 45 days, simply request a refund, and you will get one.

If you’re completely skeptical, try this program anyway because you have 45 days to prove your skeptic mind wrong. 

"Good production quality. Easy to listen. Very impressed Dayo. Keep bringing it. I look forward to these insights each week."

Matt McWilliams, Consultant

"One of the very best thought leaders. Delivering great content with simplicity and originality."

- Abraham Ologundudu,  Digital Leader

"Dayo Samuel, you are simply amazing. Thank you soooo much. This has been one of the most delightful & enlightening courses I have done in a while."

– Omololu Ibukun, Exit Strategist

"Your procedures are very simple and easy to follow through. One doesn’t have to be a techie to grasp the entire process. You did a great job."

– Effiong Edentekhe, Editor


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