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Finally! The 6 Master Steps To Creating Permanent Positive Changes In Others (And Yourself). Guaranteed!


Lasting Transformation Deep Dive is a 6-week experience for coaches, counselors, consultants and therapists who want to grow their confidence, competence, and capability to rapidly create faster, easier and longer-lasting results for their clients. Join us starting December 2nd through to January 2019. Takes place online. Weekly.

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Dear Coach, Counselor, and ConsultantI am Dayo Samuel. And this is my special invitation to you.As a coach, therapist, or counselor, you would have noticed that sometimes you advice your clients on what to do, what steps to take, and then they go on to do otherwise – the exact opposite of what they promised you they would not do. Some are even afraid of attempting the things you tell them to do.Have you ever stopped to consider what led to that, and why? If you’re ever like me, before now, I would stay up late at night asking myself, “What am I doing wrong with this particular client that is plain difficult?”Well, in my practice, one of the core things I study a lot is “why.”

  • Why do people do the things they do? 
  • Why are irrational decisions and behaviours more favored over logical ones? 
  • Why would someone kill her husband simply because she could no longer take it? 
  • Why would someone give more mental space to fear and anxiety rather than what they actually want?

Many whys. Many of them I have uncovered answers. Some, I am yet to unravel.One of them is what I’m about to share with you – especially if you work with people regularly.Let me ask you: Why is it so hard for people to make lasting changes in their lives?How do you get yourself (and others) to change and make it STICK?Listen…Most coaching approaches are based on psychology using such concepts as ‘positive thinking’ and ‘mindset’ and ‘creating change’ as the underlying principles.These approaches tend to assume that if a client ‘wants their change badly enough’ that they will simply take action and POOF! their change is pretty much guaranteed.In addition, they tend to state that those who don’t change, who don’t take the ‘appropriate actions’ simply lack willpower, are ‘self sabotaging’ or simply don’t have ‘a big enough why’.That theory is clear. If people have big enough goals and want them badly enough then transformation is inevitable.But that’s just theory isn’t it?

Of course, it’s rarely how things play out in real life.In real life, things ‘get in the way’: Reactions, habits, instincts and non-cognitive (and often seemingly nonsensical) aspects of life put themselves in the way of your clients’ goals, their visions and their purpose (and your own too!) so that no matter how big the why, no matter how badly they want it, no matter how much they truly want to achieve it, the goal evades them.Up until now, there have been seemingly little or no rhyme of reason for why this is the case and so, of course, our clients have been left feeling like they are weak-willed, constantly self-sabotaging, unmotivated failures and losers.What makes it worse is that these views are often supported by other people in their lives… including their coaches, trainers, counselors, religious houses and family!What if you could learn and master a brand new approach to faster transformational work that has ZERO to do with positive thinking or ‘wanting it badly enough’?What if you could understand the fundamental processes behind the human decision-making experience and use them as tools to create easier, lasting and more enjoyable transformations?

I invite you to step into The Era of Transformations.


The world is shifting from the Information Age to the Transformation Age. What is the difference? Why is this such a big deal? And how can you help?

I’m sure you already know: Humanity is facing diverse crisis like never before. Donald Trump, Brexit, Global Warming…these are all symptoms of a single, core challenge. The world is changing so fast that people can’t keep up.

In our ever-increasing complex and busy lives, many people are struggling. Some struggle to achieve their goals, while many others suffer from stress, anxiety, grief, addictions or the emptiness of feeling life without a purpose. Alongside there is a rise in depression and suicide rates amongst youth and young adults and even amongst highly successful and established professionals. A few days ago, the media reported that 30% of Nigerians (approximately 60 million) are suffering from Mental Health.What’s even more concerning is the alarming rate at which many are unable to get the help they need.

One of the deepest assumptions in our society is that “people should know how to change.” But that’s no longer true.

So you may think: How is this possible in a day and age when getting information to help us solve problems is easier to access than ever before? What’s the issue?We’ve left The Information Age behind. We’re now in The Information Overload Age.

The key issue lies in the fact that having information doesn’t necessarily create the transformation a person needs to help them through their struggles and change their lives for the better.

In order to survive and thrive in the face of global and local challenges, its time to move to The Transformation Age. The need is there. The technologies for transformation have been developed. But not nearly enough people are taking advantage of them. Why is this? And how can we change it?

Another factor adding to the issue is that there’s just too much information out there. This information overload makes it difficult to wade through the noise and find a solution that actually works. 

There is a pressing need for coaches, counselors and consultants like you to deliver transformation as far and wide as you possibly can, so the people who need your message are able to apply it and change their lives.

In order for us to really succeed and thrive, to fully take advantage of all the opportunities available to us as coaches, counselors and consultants today, we need to change our thinking about what it actually takes to get clients and build a formidable reputation in our industry or space as the case may be.

The key to achieve this is through what I am about to share with you through Lasting Transformation.

I couldn’t define why I did what I did most times. I’ve read books on temperaments and personality traits but never have I been satisfied. I just felt maybe I’m a different specie.

Lasting Transformation has done a whole lot in my personal life and my professional life. I’ve been equipped to understand myself better and make informed decisions concerning what concerns me and my affairs.

I’ve also learnt better how to help others by questions and having a deep understanding of who they are and their behavioural influencer. I have been able to define my message and build sub brands from it.

This is the best course I have taken so far.

OVIE RACHAEL – INTIMACY COACH, Psychosexual Therapist

The Lasting Transformation is one program that changed my thought completely about how I can approach issues. It opened my mind to see that there’s so much I can do and achieve from different angles.I got to know that I can never run out of ideas or what to sell. I learnt to try different methods with clients as one will surely work.

Toluse Dove Francis  – The Mind and Health Center

Who should JOIN Lasting transformation?

  • 1Coaches and Counselors Who Are In An Early Growth Stage. If you’re just getting your business off the ground, join us in Lasting Transformation and gain the upper hand right from the beginning of your journey.
  • 2Coaches and Counselors Who Have Experienced Some Success And Are Ready For Massive Success. If you’re currently getting results in your coaching and counseling business, it’s time to take the training wheels off. It’s time to step up your game and set your sights on creating the kind of results that make people wonder “Where has he got his special superpowers from?” And you won’t find better training than Lasting Transformation. Join us by registering below.
  • 3Coaches Who Are Already Wildly Successful And Are Committed To Making A Difference. Admit it… If you’re currently doing really well… we’re always learning… Always discovering new, improved, and faster ways to contribute to our audience, our team and to society.

Lasting Transformation Is PERFECT For You If…

  • You want to TRULY commit your coaching and counseling career to creating true TRANSFORMATIONS rather than temporary change in the clients you serve.
  • You want to deliver a system of coaching and counseling that goes DEEP into the CAUSES of your clients’ struggles rather than staying at the superficial level where you’re dealing with just the EFFECTS.
  • You want to experience deeper IMPACT & CONNECTION with the clients you serve so that your coaching and counseling aligns with YOUR bigger and deeper purpose.
  • checkYou want to attract clients who are OPEN & RECEPTIVE to ‘doing the work’ to create transformation rather than those who are waiting for YOU to ‘heal them’.
  • checkYou want to make more MONEY, have more FUN and create more FREEDOM from your coaching, counseling and consulting business than you’ve been experiencing up til now.
  • checkYou want to wake up every day and feeling head over heels in LOVE with the ‘work’ you have committed your life to.

THESE 6 STEPS ARE What You’ll MASTER DURING lasting transformation DEEP DIVE

Session 1: Mastering Your Personal Superpowers

Before you can change others, you need to know how to change yourself. This module lays the foundation for everything else you will learn throughout this program. You will learn how to tap into your personal superpowers, deepen your ability and capacity to influence and create change. Change is pretty easy; the really hard part is making it last over time. 90% of attempts to stop a bad habit or even follow through on a New Year’s resolution will fail. One reason for this is that people have very unrealistic goals about what is feasible and realistic.But with our integration of behavioral sciences, design thinking, neuropsychology of change, and meditation techniques, you have a strong foundation for reaching and maintaining your highest superpowers.

Session 2: Mastering Leadership 

They say all leadership begins from self, right?

What if you have a concise system to go from leading yourself to leading others in just 4 steps? 

This session takes an unconventional look at leadership – one from a perspective that you lead one layer upon the other.

Session 3: Mastering Influence

In order to influence someone you need to know what influences them – and this has nothing to do with temperaments or personality traits. This session solves the problem of why many coaches, counselors and consultants fail to achieve any meaningful results for their clients. 

From this session, I will personally hand you the set of assessments we use to identify what influences our clients, and how you can use that to create radical changes in their lives. You will learn to speak to a person’s core problems, needs and desires. 

See… Human behaviour isn’t as unpredictable and unreadable as it may seem at first glance. From Lasting Transformation, you’ll learn to speak the language that influences change and transformation fluently and RAPIDLY and EASILY help your clients get what they want… meaning that your clients will progress faster and easier too!

Session 4:  Creating Strategic Interventions

Before you can get someone to change, you must first find a position that creates the most impact where change is immediately inevitable, applicable and leverage-able with your clients in ways that make transformation simple, straightforward and easy.

How do you know when to coach someone or take them through therapy? This module helps you develop and deploy strategic interventions so easily.

Session 5:  Mastering Behavioural Transformation Sequence

Every behavior follows a sequence. Fear. Anger. Procrastination. Masturbation. Pornography. Drugs. Addiction. We’ve seen them all vanquish as we deploy this Behavioral Transformation Sequence.

To change any habit or behavior, you must first change the keystone and interrupt the patterns. This session hands over to you our unique evidence-based Behavioral Transformation Sequence which has solved complex problems such as depression, social anxiety, low self-esteem, blaming and fault-finding, etc.

You will be equipped with the exact tools to create Lasting Transformation with your clients such that they cannot return to their previous behaviours.

session 6:  Advanced Change Methodologies

One of the things that make this Lasting Transformation approach so powerful is how it identifies and addresses the root causes of behavioural transformation throughout EVERY area of our clients’ lives.

From health and wellness to self-confidence and self-esteem to relationships to finances and everything in between, Lasting Transformation connects the dots in ways that accelerate transformation beyond the usual incremental improvement that goal-based personal development programs achieves into EXPONENTIAL transformation across our clients whole lives.

This session is where I give you our custom coaching and counselling tools and methodologies from our archive so you can use them effectively and efficiently for yourself and your clients. Tools like conversational hypnosis, questioning, observation, unconscious rapport building, using music in therapy, guided success meditation, hypnotherapy, etc. 

Lots of Ongoing Practical

Imagine what your business would be like if you had access to the exact knowledge, skills and abilities that could cut straight to the heart of the science of long-term transformation rather than short term change.

Embedded with 3 different levels of mastery, when you register today, you are in for a lot of practicals. Starting with cognitive understanding and mastery, to experiencing the emotional side of learning, and then matched with a whole line of physical activities, this is a program focused on mastering the tools, teachings and techniques of lasting transformation all geared towards helping you become more confident, competent and able to produce results for the people you work with, rapidly transform more lives and elevate your business.

5 Things you’ll achieve with Lasting Transformation

1. ClarityDevelop a crystal-clear vision on what to teach or guide and how to best translate your message, gifts and experiences into transformational products and programs.

2. Go beyond delivering information

As a coach, counselor or consultant you must go beyond delivering information to client, and reach a place where you can inspire actions using simple tools. 

3. Attract your kind of tribe

Stop wasting time marketing and selling to the wrong crowd.

4. Understand what style of teaching and structure will fit you and your audience best to deliver maximum transformation and impact

5. Create a transformational pathCreate a path for potential clients to experience results with you long before they sign up for your big packages.

How Lasting Transformation Works

We Make Learning Simple and Easy For You So That YOU Can Make Transformation Simple And Easy For Your Clients

We believe that transformation should be simple. After all, if it’s complicated you won’t do what it takes to transform!This same approach holds true when it comes to helping our students learn and apply the Lasting Transformation material. We keep it simple, we keep it straightforward and we keep it systematic so that YOU transform as a coach, counselor or therapist faster and easier than most people would believe possible.

To accelerate your learning we have created a full suite of tools for you including:

Follow Along Video Lessons, Tutorials And Coaching Examples

When your course begins, you get an access tag so you can log in to our e-learning virtual classroom where you will take the classes weekly. Your virtual classroom experience delivers your lessons and tutorials in easy to follow and simple to understand video format that you can watch over and over and over again to cement your learning.

Downloadable PDF Workbooks, Assessments and Exercises

Every lesson and exercise accompanied by worksheets, assessments and workbooks is designed to bring your learning to life through interactivity and application. Just work through the exercises and even the most technical aspects of the Neuropsychology of Transformation will be easy to understand and implement.

Weekly Live Interactive Participation

Lasting Transformation is designed around a systematic, progressive and logical pathway that is designed to not only accelerate YOUR learning and mastery of the subject matter, but also takes advantage of the way the brain is designed to learn. Every week, we will meet as a group via live video calls and small group participation, and run through some practical sessions from the module for the week. This allows you to pace your learning and not be overwhelmed by the entire syllabus. This lets you learn rapidly regardless of your previous knowledge and experience of coaching, counselling, consulting or therapy.

Most Classes Are 30 Minutes Or Less

We know you’re busy already, so we try to keep most of your classes to 30 minutes or less to ensure that time is never an obstacle to your growth as a coach, counselor, consultant and therapist. Simply login, learn and 30 minutes later, you’ll be changing lives. 


Before enrolling in Lasting Transformation, I could get people talking about their challenges. I could make them feel better but I was unable to help them obtain results or even measure level of impact. I preferred sticking with first assessment of people and referring them to other capable hands than carrying out the entire process of coaching.

This program first dealt with me by allowing me see my own limitations and working on them thereby leading me to understand human behaviour better. Now I am better equipped and eager to follow due process of leading clients to their goals.


Before getting into Lasting Transformation, I was getting so overwhelmed by what I do. I was deliberately turning down opportunities to help people but the opportunities won’t stop coming. I also find it hard to ask people to pay for my services. As a result, some of my clients abuse the value I render. Coaching and counseling had started to become a huge burden to me. 

My favourite parts of Lasting Transformation are the activities, especially the one on content creation, mind map and the pros and cons of tags and labels. These parts made me realise that I prefer to lead people to help themselves rather than try to do the ‘helping for them’. 

NOAH BELLO – teacher, counselor, coach and consultant

This program brought tears to my eyes because for the first time I was me. Before then I used to think that I had spiritual problem (spirit of confusion) but after class I began to appreciate myself just the way I am, I saw my uniqueness, I embraced every bit of me. 

Lasting transformation left a lasting memory that nothing can wipe. I now take my job seriously and I am implementing some of the business strategies we learnt. I no longer procastinate, no more excuses, no more I can’t do it syndrome… I just dare to try no matter how hard.

AMAKA SOLOMON – Stylist, counselor, financial educator

Only 30 Spaces Are Available For This Intake Of Lasting Transformation… For Real!

Hey! There’s no fake scarcity here. This next Lasting Transformation cohort starting December 2nd, 2018 will be limited to just 30 persons so that we can ensure that those who are chosen to participate will be given the fullest and most complete support possible during their time with us.This means that once the 30 spots are taken we will close the doors on the program regardless of how many applications we receive.We believe that by limiting our intake to just 30 participants, the overall quality of the coaching experience will be much higher for all involved. Meaning that the quality of the coaching to your clients will be that much higher too.Sure, we could make much more money by offering unlimited ‘seats’ on the program but we have seen far too many truly awesome educational programs die untimely deaths due to oversubscription of students leading to the overwhelm of the program creators so were not going down that route. Thank you!

“Wow Dayo! Please Tell Me How Can I Get Into The Program?”

Lasting Transformation is worth N100,000 on its own. But we won’t ask you to invest that much right now because you’ll be scared, worried, and perhaps even turn back from here.

However… If you’re ready, willing and able to make the commitment to creating lasting transformation for yourself and your clients through this program, ​it only takes N25,000 to get started.

And you can make your payment to: 

Audacity2Lead MediaZenith Bank 1015817876

We recommend a single payment which will be saving you N5,000 off the double payment plan.

But then, if you prefer to have an instalmental plan so that you can spread your payments for your training over the 6 weeks of the course, then we have 2-part instalment plan.

First investment is N15,000 and then N15,000 by the fourth week of the course. Which also means that all you need to start this course right now is just N15,000 if you choose this route.N25,000 once or N15,000 twice.

“So, How do you make payment RIGHT NOW?”

Depending on the plan you choose, make your payment to:

Audacity2Lead MediaZenith Bank 1015817876

So What Else Do You Get For Your One-time Membership?

Hey, In Case You Think I Forgot, If You Are One Of Those Special 30 People Who Join Lasting Transformation Today, When The Program Doors Open You’ll Get Access To 3 Bonus Programs…

1. Better Business Blueprint

Discover why success has little to do with just working hard and being driven. Define the two major factors that separate those who experience the satisfaction of achieving their business goals and those who never do. Clarify the difference between self-esteem and self-efficacy. And learn how to regenerate motivation, optimism and drive without prematurely throwing in the towel.

2. Results-Driven Content Creation Mastery

Currently, the world is drowning in information overload while starving for wisdom. How do you transit from creating information to creating transformations for people who follow you, listen to you, read your books, posts or take your programs? It comes down to having a methodology for creating content that gets results every time. One way to easily get paid is to create results for your clients before they even pay you. You’ll learn exactly how that works from this bonus when you join Lasting Transformation.

3. Ultimate Launch Templates

One of the realities of doing business today is “if no one knows you, no one can buy from you!” You have to be seen to get sales! You need online visibility, but more important is that you need to build your “know, like and trust” factor! Nothing does it better than a launch. In this short program, you will acquire the techniques that make launching a breeze.

“Okay, Dayo, I’m Ready To Join… What Next?”

I’m excited you are loving this. 

The world is changing. You are called to help. Come be part of a community of transformational leaders who care about your calling and cause. There truly is a science of transformation – a newly emerging field of inquiry that explores the human side of how we undergo radical, paradigm-altering change. Become equipped, capable, competent and confident to create truly lasting results for your clients.

And as I already told you, it takes only a one-time membership to join Lasting Transformation. And you get:

  • Tailored Weekly Masterclasses
  • 6 Weeks Coaching Calls
  • Lasting Transformation Deep Dive (6 Steps online course)
  • Better Business Blueprint
  • Results-Driven Content Creation Mastery
  • Ultimate Launch Templates 
  • Offline Access to all the programs
  • New: 6 Months VIP Membership
  • New: WhatsApp Group Support

make payment RIGHT NOW

Audacity2Lead MediaZenith Bank 1015817876

How long is registration OPEN?

This stream resumes in class by December 2nd, 2018. However, all of the bonuses and benefits you just read go away by November 30th. 

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