Influence? Impact? Income?

I’m glad to have you here because I can understand that.

Here are a few things I know a blog platform will do for you:


  • Helps you test ideas and new service offerings.
  • Validate that your offerings are good ones.
  • Improve on your delivery and performance.
  • Get your message out to hundreds and thousands more people than you could physically.
  • Helps you generate recommendations and referrals.
  • Helps you discover EXACTLY what people who love you want to buy from you.
  • And importantly, helps you establish an expert identity on the issues you handle.

But I’m aware you are afraid of spending so much money and wasting so much time trying to launch a blog.

You want to know the most effective, efficient ways to promote your blog.

You want a blog that attracts attention, but you don’t know what or how to go about blogging.

You hope to build a blog full of resources that meet specific needs.

You want to have a blog that has a lot of traffic, and makes you be seen as an authority in your industry.

You really want to know how you can make money from your blog so as to fund your investments on MB and data charges.

You will agree with me that no one likes to go through the hardwork of blogging, not to talk of paying for a kit to learn how to blog.

So here’s how I want to help…

Having listened to several of my readers, who like you, complain about the unavailability of a down-to-earth practical step-by-step guide that is created specially to help you see that blogging can be a lot more fun, done at your time, leveraging your very special interest, I went to work. Packed all of my best resources together. Did my research, and put them together for you to take you through how you can start, grow and monetize your blog in less time.


In fact, from what you will learn in this ebook, it will take you just 10 days to see solid results if you follow the exact system I lay out in it.

Blog with Excellence is a down-to-earth, step by step guide I created to help you launch a powerful, influential blog within the next 10 days.

This will aid you in impacting more lives, making you famous, and make people appreciate you and owe you a lot for making life better for them.

I didn’t however just sit and create this guide because I want to, but after working with over 40 coaches, consultants and speakers in different niches and industry who want to take their message, their business and their lives to the next level, I realised everything I’ve shared with them work so well and they are very happy with the results they were able to get.

That was when I thought why should I keep someone like you out when you can actually follow the same steps to get the results you are looking for.

“Blogging was one thing I look at as the gurus’ thing, not until Blog with Excellence with Dayo Samuel. I can beat my chest today that “Yes I can do it.” I leant everything I know now from this.. From creating, to hosting, theme and setting.” – Musa Daniel, WeHost

“It gave me the confidence that I can do it on my own. That I don’t need to be a Tech savvy or IT nerd to create and run a blog.” – Dr. Malik Haruna King

Like I mentioned, having a blog will make you become respected and sought after, you’ll have peace of mind that you’re doing something right to change the world, and your legacy will live after you.

If you’re a beginner, this ebook will provide the first steps to take when deciding to build a blog and that eliminates all the problems of decision-making, creating content consistently, designing your blog, getting traffic et cetera.

Finally I have found a personal blogging manual that is written in my ‘local’ Nigerian language. Blog with Excellence eBook is the first from a Nigerian I’ve seen with thorough step by step tutelage on getting you to set up and monetize your blog… If you are serious about blogging, this is the book to get… Jenny Chisom, Logos Audibles

For an intermediate business blogger, you will learn how to take your blog from average that it definitely is right now, to an amazing blog and this is so that your audience, prospects and clients can perceive you as more professional.

Whether you’re a beginning blogger, intermediate or a seemingly pro-blogger, you will learn all you need to start, grow and monetize your blog in 10 days or less.

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But wait… before you order!

Here’s what I’m offering…

Aside just the ebook, I want you to have these results plus all of the next bonuses for just N2,500

Here are the things you get:

  • How to Launch a blog that will make you famous, wealthy, and widely appreciated, while you keep impacting lives, and making the world a better place…
  • How to Leverage your special interest to build a successful blog in record time…
  • You get accurate, specific knowledge and practical training to help you quickly rise to the top…
  • Discover the earning potentials and fun in blogging, unlike what the ‘gurus’ tell you…
  • Cut short the painfully long time it would have taken you to start making money from your blog…
  • Discover the first exact key step you must take before even starting a blog and you’ll see the number 1 reason why people abandon their blogs – so you can avoid it…

And even more…

  • Day 1 – 5 in the book is designed to take you through the rudiments of blogging like selecting a niche, choosing your ideal audience, the process of naming, branding, hosting, designing, and creating content for your blog, in a way that ensures success, and in line with world best practices…so you’re never left guessing at this crucial stage. Remember, a faulty foundation is the major undoing of so many failed bloggers.
  • Day 6 helps you to “automate” your blog so that the stress of keeping your blog up-to-date is drastically reduced. Blogging has never been easier with the tools revealed here.
  • You’ve probably heard that the money online is in the list. The question is: how do you even start with a list? That’s the question that will be answered on Day 7. And on this day, you’ll get help with setting up your subscription method, and learn how to build your list fast.
  • You’ll get your first 100 visitors on the 8th day, and then learn how to boost your traffic from there on. You’ll even get some unconventional strategies and tactics you can choose from or combine to get an endless flow of traffic.
  • Day 9 takes you to the best part of the book; monetizing your blog. You’ll learn the different approaches that are used to make money from blogging. It also shows you the approach that can make you money your first week of blogging. It’s the route taken by fewer people. And you’ll be one of the enlightened few – on just your 9th day of blogging.
  • Day 10 takes you through the process of launching your blog (if you don’t mind waiting till the last day). Shows you how launching can affect your blog, and gives you several effective launching ideas and strategies that’ll make your blog a success already.

Do you now see for yourself that you can make a blog successful – whether new or old – in mere 10 days? This isn’t the normal general stuff you get out there. This is a solid, proven blueprint. One that has worked for many, and will work for you.

“So what are these bonuses?”

I knew you were going to ask that 🙂

The book itself is sufficient to get you set up and running. But like most people who already purchased it, you will require video tutorials which are made specifically for the book which if you were to buy separately would go for N5,000 for the 4 videos.

But that’s not all there is to the bonuses you get.

You also get these resources:

  • Essential Features of a Great Blog Post
  • AdWords and AdSense for Bloggers
  • Headline cheat sheet that you can copy and paste

And this special video:

  • 40 Day Blog Marketing Secret


  • You get to join a growing community of pro-bloggers who are mission minded

So if I were you, I would get it right away since I will get both the ebook and the bonuses right now for just N2,500 (and also considering the fact that it normally costs N5,000. That is you get 50% off right now if you order.)


Now, don’t think I’m trying to make you do something against your will. Just that I know you will find so much value in the book, then much more with the videos and bonuses.

For example, in the eBook I detailed 10 things to do if you don’t have an idea of what to write or content to create.

In one of the bonuses, I shared 212 blog post ideas that you simply plug and play.

So you see the difference?

Now if you would act fast, especially since this timer is already reading, meaning there are only few hours left for this offer to expire, you can get all of these for just N2,500.

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Yes, really. Just for N2,500.

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To encourage you…

Here is a complete 100% no-risk trial guarantee. You have 90 days to try the system in the book out. If after 90 days you do not get the results you need, I will refund your money back to you, and you also keep the kit and all the bonuses.

So you see you really have no reason to shrink back since you have nothing to lose.

This is your life, your business, your message. This is really what you want. A platform that can help you make more impact and income doing what you love.

So right now I would ask you: Will you allow just N2,500 stop you from your dreams right now? Seriously, will you?

Right before you is a simple system you can follow to start, grow and monetize your blog in 10 Days.

Hear what others are saying:


ayoI can honestly say I have learnt how to set up a self-hosted blog from scratch without any difficulty. I have set up a self-hosted blog for 3 persons after attending your masterclass (which could be a money spinner if I have to charge them).” Ayo Joseph, Multi-level Marketer

Really great and inspiring… I absolutely love the laid back writing style with a blend of fun and seriousness. It is simple enough for a newbie to connect with and a reassuring collection for a professional as well.” – Blossom Nnodim, #SocialGood Campaign

ebukaWhen you are ready to own a more professional blog or really understand the magic of social media, this dude is the MAN. Take advice from ONLY those who have successfully achieved what you intend doing. Stop relying on beer- parlor knowledge.” — Ebuka J. Anichebe, Author

“Blog with Excellence gave me valuable insights to all the nuts and gears of blogging.” – Chikere Okorafor, Security Expert and Engineer

Your success is next.

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