Join the Exclusive Conclave where Faith Meets Leadership & Strategy

Some events will motivate you to take action but fail to give you the actionable tools and steps you need to tangibly produce results.

Other events provide you with tools and steps but do not take into account the significance of your faith.

MetaCognito is the BRIDGE.

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Become the Person, Producer and Power Center that God designed you to be.

Presented by Dayo Samuel & a team of Facilitators

From birth till date, I have lived, worked and been in the church. I see its value, necessity, and ability to transform lives and communities. I see the need for more of its members to understand their value in the marketplace.

I also see the gaps – the areas that prevent the faith community from reaching its maximum potential and impact.

But I’m not just here to be a seer, I’ve been graced to be a solver.

MetaCognito is the platform God has given me. Designed for BELIEVERS who know they are called to produce a different kind of Kingdom Impact whether from the pulpit or in the boardroom.

MetaCognito School for Leaders & Innovators is run in 3 levels:

MetaCognito Basics:

Discover clarity, confidence, and purpose to transform your leadership and innovate in a Multi-Dimensional World. This level lays the foundation for life, transformation and leadership


Leaders Conclave:

Develop a strong leadership culture and strategic foresight for your enterprise and/or ministry. This level bridges the gap between faith, leadership and strategy for current trends in ministry and marketplace.


Collaborative Intelligence:

A private 12-month mastermind for leaders of enterprise and ministry. Only open to those who have completed Level 2.


What is MetaCognito Leaders Conclave Really About

The Environment

We are creating a virtual environment that will be ripe with "aha" AND "amen" moments. MetaCognito Leaders Conclave provides an atmosphere of freedom where your spirit and intellect can co-exist. Bring your Bible and your Business Plan and let’s get to work.

The Education

Spread over 12 weeks online meetings, Dayo will be walking participants through the 8-module Framework covering Enterprise, Systems and Continuity. Through this simple framework, attendees will learn to operationalize their vision, get the right people on board, and keep them engaged.

The Execution

We understand the power of a strategy lies in doing - so we will spend a major part of the 12 weeks doing the work and implementing the things we have learned. We'll tackle the foundational pieces that will help you and your team move from vision to execution.

The Modules we will cover in 12 weeks:

You've already Experienced This:

now it's time to have this:

How Application Works

For this edition, it is completely free to apply – no strings attached.

However, each application will be subject to a careful selection process to admit only 30 participants. This is so we can have people of like minds in each cohort. You will be contacted if you are selected, and if you’re not, you get a front row to the next cohort.

But that gives you the opportunity to pitch yourself as a better candidate. Isn’t it?

DISCLOSURE: this cohort of MetaCognito is NOT for everyone. If you want a “magic pill” training program that requires zero effort and no commitment, this definitely isn’t for you. And it’s better that you don’t invest in the 12 weeks with us. Yet, if you’re willing to put in some work and want to see excellent results, claim your seat here before they are gone.

Meet Dayo Samuel

Dayo Samuel is a research, content and design specialist translating science and spirituality into everyday tools of transformation, wealth and wellbeing. Fueled by the belief that businesses could increase profitability and impact if they embrace a renewed sense of mission.

Dayo is a certified life coach, Family Systems Engineering professional, Consumer Neuroscience & Neuromarketing practictioner, a trained facilitator of Design Sprints, and holding a Bachelors of Technology in Industrial Design.

With over 10 years of new media business experiences covering brand consulting, customer acquisition, edu-marketing, podcasting and product design, Dayo has an unflinching passion for God’s Kingdom having served in multiple capacities as a teaching minister, Bible school administrator, and church media director.

He is the founder of Audacity2Lead, which has been helping leaders across the world play a bigger game since 2014. MetaCognito, which started in 2018, is an offshoot of that mission to produce leaders of systems and enterprises who carry a sense of Kingdom mission.


While all MetaCognito programs are free (ATM), participants are encouraged to give freewill donations to support the cost of operations. If you would like to donate, please visit here.

All selected participants are encouraged to have:

  • Google Meet
  • A notebook, tablet, or laptop for note taking
  • Current vision/mission statement or outline
  • Willingness to be challenged and stretched

Copies of presentations will not be made available.

One answer: Who is the next leader or do you already have the innovative solution for your enterprise? How are you going about it?

Yes, non-traditional ministry leaders and faith-based business owners are a fit as they have the ample chance to create innovation and impact at a scale churches in the coming years may not be able to.

Errrmmmm… At this time, no. But the most important certificate to expect is the evidence of personal and enterprise transformation.

MetaCognito is a training and coaching institute set up to help individuals as well as private and public organisations realize their objectives and scale their vision. Audacity2Lead is the host company for MetaCognito (for now).

As this is a freewill donation, No refunds. Successful outcomes and impact are determined by the amount of dedication and effort participants puts in.

© copyright MetaCognito by Audacity2Lead 2023

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